Aug. 15th, 2016 12:35 pm
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What the hell is this?

This is a journal for Sans from the Horrortale AU by Sour Apple Studios!

What's wrong with him?

Basically, this Sans comes from a timeline that followed one of the canon neutral endings. Things got worse from there. A whole lot worse. The comic explaining his situation hasn't yet been completed, but it's been implied that the years of being trapped-- along with a rapidly depleting food supply, resulting in widespread starvation-- has changed monster society, turning even the most kindly monsters into violent, desperate creatures who kill and eat humans.

Sans, in particular, has seemingly completely given up, and he claims to no longer care about right and wrong. He uses his powers openly and violently, without any kind of discretion, and murders and dismembers humans almost compulsively, using their bodies to make food. His relationship with Toriel has likewise suffered-- he told her how bad things had become in the kingdom, and it emotionally destroyed her, after which he began to avoid her, likely out of guilt. The only thing he can muster any kind of real emotion for is Papyrus, whom he still cares deeply for and caters to when he can, despite his own sanity slippage.

However, deep down, the Sans seen in canon is still there-- though he is, largely, emotionally numb, there are still some places in which he's weak. Papyrus, mention of W. D. Gaster, and even a well-placed joke can potentially crack him, if only for a few seconds. But this Sans is, essentially, the canon "bad" ending taken to an extreme-- heartbroken, angry, and numb, any sense of hope he'd ever felt completely crushed.


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